Foundation Objectives

The objectives in founding the Myricks Airfield Foundation are two fold.  It has been a focused desire since buying the property in 1980 to open the property for both unrestricted aircraft use and general public use.  The development of the Foundation is directed at continuing operation of the airfield.  Funding is required at some level at least initially to insure that air operations can continue.  But the level of the funding required is difficult to estimate for the present and certainly more so into the future.   That funding raises the issue of the second purpose of the Foundation.  The estate of Murray Randall has donated funding far in excess of the airport operations budget.  The second purpose of the Foundation is donation of excess funding to a general class of charities.  In my view, a great deal of the miseries of the world are a result of the promotion of ideologies: primarily religions and government philosophies.  Hence I favor atheist and secular organizations: American Atheists and the Secular Coalition.   Another cause that I would like the board to consider is Compassion and Choices, I call it a right to death organization.   I believe strongly in making higher education available to the lower income students.  I believe strongly in public health care, women's rights, environmental issues, and expanded immigration.  I believe strongly in responsible environmental governance, particularly nuclear power, find the expense of wind and solar options unappealing.   I believe in support for local animal shelters and like to donate to Wikipedia. The Foundation does not, should not and will not engage in any form of partisan political action in support of a political candidate or political party. 

On December 16, 2015 the US Department of Treasury established that the Myricks Airfield Foundation was accepted as a Public Charity under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).  With this determination established the Foundation will proceed with real estate lot sales.

It is quite an imposition to request that the board of directors of the Foundation administer the assets allocated in accord my personal objectives but I hope that some will agree with the general purposes and can also find a measure of satisfaction in contributing to the governance of the foundation.